Google Instructions

Getting Started

Before we get started, these instructions are for first time users only. If you already opened your account and have a set password then these instructions are not for you. You can easily just login to Google Classroom or to your Gmail with your Virgil Grissom email and the password that you have already set. Thank you!

Google Classroom/Gmail Instructions

First, we must open up Google Chrome or any other web browser you may be using (Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.).

If you are using a separate browser from Google Chrome be sure to go to and then continue to follow the steps below.

Once chrome is open type in google classroom or gmail in the search bar. You can also click the Gmail link in the top right corner of the browser window.

Sign window & Email example

Once you've entered the application and you clicked sign in at the top, you will be brought to a sign in window. Your student email should be your last name, first name, the year you will graduate from MS 226, the "@" sign and then

For example, if your name is John Smith and your in the 6th grade this year, then your email will be:

Once you have entered your email correctly and clicked next you will be sent to the password window. Students have a temporary password which is "Student123". Once entered you will click next which will send you to the new account page. Accept the agreement and then you will move to another page were you will create you own password.

Student temporary Password
New account page and Acknowledgement agreement

When entering a password, PLEASE USE A PASSWORD YOU CAN REMEMBER!! If you forget your password it can be reset by your teacher or the IT tech of the school. Just inform your teacher of the issue and they will direct your query to the IT tech or they will reset the password themselves.

And that's it, your done!! Now you can log into your Google applications with your school email and new password. You can also contact your teachers through google classroom. Just make sure you have the class code for those classes.